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Canada study visa

Students worldwide have long flocked to Canada as a desirable study-abroad option. The Canadian government has made significant efforts to promote its universities abroad, notably among international students from India. The ‘quick track’ approach has ensured that student visas are approved within two to three weeks, which is significantly less time than in previous years

If you want to study in Canada, the Canadian High Commission has provided the following guidelines for obtaining a student visa.

  • The Canadian High Commission has software that can detect falsified summaries of backlogs. Students are encouraged to give honest summaries as a result.
  • Technical students from throughout the world, especially those studying biotechnology, civil engineering, electrical engineering, the environment, information technology, and power, are strongly encouraged to apply for Canadian student visas.
  • Project management programs are not a good fit for recent engineering graduates since they lack the necessary 2-3 years of project-level experience.
  • Do note any previous student visa refusals, whether they be from Canada or elsewhere.
  • Students who have outstanding academic records along with English language proficiency proof are given preference.
  • DLI(designated learning institute)Graduate students have the opportunity to gain the Canadian experience through

    Post graduate work permit program.

  • Students can work on-campus,off- campus,co-op work permit during the duration of their course.
  • Canadian education and the Canadian work experience can open the permanent residency pathways   for an international student .

Spouses of full-time student can accompany them to Canada and can work for any employer or be self employed for the duration of their partners study program.

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