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Eligibility criteria for citizenship
You must meet the following requirements to apply for Canadian citizenship:
If you need to pass a citizenship test, you must:

Partners of Canadian nationals

Even if you marry a Canadian, that won’t make you a citizen
Spouses of Canadian citizens must also meet the residency requirement,language requirement to become eligible for Canadian citizenship.

Status as a permanent resident

You must be a permanent resident of Canada in order to apply for Canadian citizenship.
To be eligible for Canadian citizenship a person must have meet the 2 years residency requirement as a permanent resident .Any time you have spent as a Temporary Resident in Canada before becoming PR can be counted towards the physical residency requirement .
Maximum of 1 year period as a Temporary Resident can be counted towards this residency requirement.
Additional requirement to apply for citizenship is that you should not
  • Be subject to investigation for fraud or immigration purposes
  • Be asked to leave Canada by the government (removal order)
Your right as a Canadian citizen:
Right to vote Right to live anywhere in Canada Freedom to practice religion
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