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Dependent work permit

If you’re seeking a work permit in Canada and your family members want to join you, they’ll need their own permits in order to visit, work, or study in the country. You and they can submit applications simultaneously.

Work permit options for spouse

If they plan to work in Canada
  • Your spouse or common-law partner might be eligible for an “open work permit” that will allow them to accept employment from any company.

  • They must be qualified for a different sort of work permit if they don’t qualify for an open work permit as your spouse or common-law partner. One option is for their company to request a study of how this will affect the labor market.
If they don’t plan to work in Canada
Those applying to immigrate to Canada with a non-working spouse or common-law partner have two options:
  • Visitor
  • Student
Spouses of full-time students and temporary workers can apply for an open work permit.

Options for your dependent children

Your dependent children may also apply to come with you to Canada as either a

  • Visitor
  • Student
  • Worker
Applications submitted by your spouse, common-law partner, and dependant children will also be processed in 2 weeks.

Process of getting a work permit

There are two different kinds of work permits.
Employer-specific work permit
A work permit issued by an individual employer authorizes you to work in Canada under the terms specified by that employer.
You need to provide details about the duration and location of your employment, as well as the names of the individual employers where you are permitted to do so (if applicable)
You need your employer’s permission to apply for a work permit before you can begin working for them.
You need one of the following:
If your company does not need to use the Employer Portal to post a job opening, they must still provide you with a copy of the employment agreement.

Open Work Permit

You can work for any Canadian company with an open work permit, with the exception of those that:
1. Provides striptease 2. Erotic dancing 3. Escort services 4. Erotic massage
You can only qualify for an open work permit under very narrow circumstances.
A physical exam is a prerequisite for some occupations. You can have a medical exam from a doctor on the panel if you don’t want any preexisting conditions listed on your open work permit.
If you’d like to bring the kids along
While you are employed in Canada, your spouse, common-law partner, and any dependant children may be eligible to work, attend school, and/or live with you.
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