UW Immigration

Permanent residency

If an international student meets the criteria for a particular Canadian immigration program, he or she may apply for permanent residence status in Canada either while or after their studies in Canada have concluded. It is normal practice and permitted by Canadian immigration law for international students to apply for both a Canada study permit and Canadian permanent resident status simultaneously.
Apply to a Canadian university as an international student, renew your study permit, and research employment opportunities during and after your time in school.
Making Educational and Academic Decisions
  • Education systems in each Canadian province and territory, as provided by their respective Ministers of Education.
  • The application process and language proficiency requirements for colleges and universities vary widely.

The Application Process for Higher Education Institutions

After deciding on a school, college, or university to attend, the next step is to submit an application. The application procedures vary from institution to institution.
You should at least apply for:
  • Elementary and secondary schools six months in advance; post-secondary institutions one year in advance.
  • Get in touch with the institution of your choice for application details. A complete description of what they require from you in terms of paperwork is provided.
You can find out information about:
tuition, fees, health insurance, rent, and other expenditures of living in Canada, as well as language requirements.
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