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Provincial Nomination

To whom does this program is applicable:
Those who want to settle in a particular Canadian province or territory due to different reasons and they believe they can make a positive contribution to that region’s economy can choose Provincial nominee program
Provinces and regions have their own criteria and “streams” (immigration policies that favor particular demographics).
Provinces and territories have different immigration programs for permanent settlement for International Students

How to apply for PNP?

The application process varies from province to province and from stream to stream under the Provincial Nominee Program. You could use Express Entry or the regular application process depending upon you meeting eligibility requirements.
Eligibility Includes:
Your education,inside outside Canadian work experience,any Canadian relative resinding in that Province.
You’ll need to show proof of good health and clear a background check as part of the application procedure. No matter where you choose to settle down in Canada, you’ll need to go through this process.

In the regular entry procedure:

You must submit an expression of interest in the province you are interested in. Once the province nominate you, You are eligible to apply for permanent immigration either through express entry system or regular stream.
You must qualify for the terms and conditions to be nominated by the province you have to reside in.
You get extra points with provincial nomination in your express entry profile. For permanent residence you have to go through federal requirements of medical and criminal background check .
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