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Studying in Canada as a minor

Find out what non-Canadian minors who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents need to do in order to attend school in Canada.

Making a request for a minor's study permit

Letters of acceptance from schools in Canada are typically required when applying for a study permit for a minor (even if they will be attending a primary or secondary school). Either the physical letter of acceptance or a digital copy will suffice.
Children under the age of 18 are not required to have a study permit in order to enter Canada for a program lasting less than six months.
Applying for a study permit is a prerequisite to entry into Canada for minors who intend to study for a period of six months or longer.

The Canadian Student Visa Application Process

A letter of acceptance is required for any minor who is in Canada if they are visiting a relative who already has a valid employment or study permit.
Primary school students are granted study licenses valid for one academic year, renewable once.
Students can apply for a study permit for the full duration of their planned time in secondary school in Canada (grades 9–12 in all provinces and territories except Quebec, and grades 9–11 in Quebec) (maximum of 4 years).
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