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Visitor for tourism

Every year, millions of people travel to and settle in Canada.
Visitors to Canada are only allowed to stay for short periods of time, while immigrants are eligible for permanent residency and citizenship.
People from visa required countries require Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) to visit Canada or ETA from the residents of visa exepmt countries to travel to Canada.
You can not work or study on a temporary visa.A tourist can take short- term course of less than 6 months.

Tourism visitor visa process

The Canadian visa application process involves an evaluation of your qualifications and reasons for traveling to the country. It is important to remember that TRVs can be issued for either single or multiple temporary visits to Canada, depending on the needs of the applicants.
Before a visa is issued, an applicant must first pass both a medical examination and a criminal background check. They must also provide proof that they have enough money to support themselves throughout their time in Canada.

Durations of Visas

The maximum stay of a tourist visa to Canada is 6 months.The stay can be extended at least 30 days before your current status expires.
Temporary visa type depends upon the purpose of your visit.
Visiting for tourism. Visiting a family member, friend. Business visitor
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