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Visitors visa

We can also assist you in getting a visitor's visa in Surrey.

One of the many reasons people are welcome in Canada is to visit friends and family. Some nationalities are exempt from obtaining a Canadian visa to enter and remain in the country, whereas others are.
Therefore, If you are planning to visit Canada for leisure or business, you will need to obtain visitor visa services in the Lower Mainland from us. Depending on the country you currently live in and your citizenship, getting a visitor visa can be simple or complex. United Worlds employs a staff of seasoned specialists who can improve your chances of acquiring a visa and guide you through the application process. If you need assitance finding out what to include with your application, we can point you in the right direction.

Requirements to apply for Visit Visa

Many different types of visas are available to individuals who wish to visit the United States, and the requirements for each vary. However, most visitors will need to apply for a B-2 tourist visa. To be eligible for this type of visa, you must demonstrate that:

Make sure your passport expiry is not in 6 months before you apply. 

  • Having no criminal record
  • Possess domestic commitments (work, family) that ensure your eventual return home
  • Have sufficient capitals to back up your living expenses throughout your visit
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